New Years Eve


With the dying hours of 2009 upon us now, how will you remember the year?

For many, 2009 proved to be a difficult and unsettling year, with companies being forced to change and restructure their business operations. This in some cases has led to redundancies, pay freezes and a growing interest in what the future may hold.

The early indications would appear to show that the new era of austerity will continue and that individuals may even need to look to reducing their wages rather than the traditional increase. These difficult choices will be made within a tightening economic environment.

With the cost of employing people and the cost of living set to rise, perhaps significantly in the coming year, the problems of how this will be managed will become a critical business issue within the first quarter of the New Year.

New challenges are not new in themselves, we need to learn to live with uncertainty and make sure that organisations learn to innovate and adapt to the challenges of the New Year.  If we succeed, maybe 2010 will have only good cheer and happiness for all. We wish you all a happy New Year from all of us at ZULU! 

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