Need a web company to help you online?


Finding a web company with the ability to help your website reach its full potential online and generate new business is a tricky task.

All too often, people dive into the detail and look at what they want their website to do, rather than starting with the development of a strategy which will help guide them through the process.

Getting the strategy right!

Instead of deciding on whether a shopping cart is required or whether this image or that piece of text should be included, it is useful to kick the project off by defining what function your website will provide to your business.

Feed your strategy into the brief and remember to keep focused!

When it comes to developing the brief, it is really important to keep focused on the critical requirements. All too often we see design briefs creep; people add functionality and elements which might not be essential but rather, ‘nice to have’. These additions can often consume a great deal of time, adding complexity and extra cost to the project.

Layer the strategy into operationally achievable goals

By breaking the strategy down into operationally achievable goals, chunks of the project can be assigned timeframes against which you can measure progress and expectations.

It is valuable for example, to test each stage of the brief, ensuring that the output deliverables perform as expected on various platforms and also through an agreed checklist (which considers functionality) in order to ensure that the project is really capable of delivering what you set it out to do.

Learning is key to success online

Remember that during the testing and pre-deployment phase, you will be continuously learning. It is important that you adjust and implement new insight to make sure that when you deploy your final web solution, it is the best it can be. But remember, most people only get one chance to really impress, so don't take second best as a starting point for your new web online initiative.