More Google+ integration in Google Search


Google+ has been with us for a while now and we've even seen the launch of Google+ Business Pages in recent weeks. Quite a few blogs and articles have been written and published across the web in order to let interested parties know how Google+ works and how you should go about building successful networks (or 'Circles' as the case may be).

To be fair, Google has been relatively helpful in directing webmasters and socially active individuals as to how they can best engage with its social network. They first told us of the importance to keep business profiles separate from individual profiles - and for those who have ignored their instruction, accounts have been deleted. Google has also offered tutorials which explain exactly how to link to your Google+ profile from your blog or website, and they've explained the benefits which can be had as a result of this integration.

For Google+ Business Pages, linking your Google+ page to your website and visa versa means that you're doing what you can in order to become eligible for the Direct Connect functionality which Google is working to integrate into its search engine.

For individual Google+ users, linking your Google profile to your blog posts means that your profile picture and credentials might appear in the SERPs alongside your blog posts, thus giving potential readers a little more insight into who you are, and what you're about.

Browsing the web today, I noticed Google has now taken this one step further and as well as showing profile pictures, the author's name and a link to their Google+ profile, we're seeing a little more information. When you're logged in, you're now presented with an option to add the author to your 'Circles', from within the Google SERPs. This is a rather neat integration if you ask me. You can also see how many Circles the author features in, and how many comments the author has had on the Google+ post which relates to the article he's written.

That's quite a lot of information we're getting in such a small space but as is clear from this type of integration, Google+ seems here to stay. Google is using it's strengths (search) wisely this time around so as to avoid another embarrassment (i.e., Google Buzz) on the social front.

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