Marketing for Birmingham Businesses?


Marketing is an essential aspect of all businesses. It promotes the company’s products and services, often through the development of a brand. Branding can be a highly effective way of explaining not only what the company does, but also, how it would do it and what it would be like to work with the company. Branding can be said to be a vehicle for portraying the personality of a company.

So how would Birmingham benefit from marketing? Well, the city has a marketing company (Marketing Birmingham) and it is engaged in a number of activities and is largely responsible for promoting Birmingham’s brand.

Birmingham is a city with fantastic heritage and a huge amount of potential

Birmingham has a long history of innovation and creativity, but is this reflected in our brand? Often, people have a very negative image of Birmingham as a city, and this needs to change. A critical component which will allow us to compete in the current economic conditions is to provide a positive brand personality. This can be done through effective marketing, reaching out to key target audiences and effectively getting our message across.

Birmingham is a tough market where people demand value for money

Birmingham has always been a tough market with a high proportion of owner-managed businesses that count every penny and demand value for money. Well-managed, targeted activity that develops and promotes Birmingham’s brand must be money well spent as long as it provides tangible return on investment for all.

Understanding the Birmingham market place

Birmingham has a very distinct feeling to its market. It is conservative and focused, still with a real flavour of it's manufacturing past and the city demands value and drives hard bargains. The people of Birmingham are rightly proud of their heritage and fiercely local to the city. To market Birmingham as an effective brand with a positive and innovative identity, these qualities must be captured and portrayed effectively to our wider key markets.

Identify local channels and opportunities

Birmingham’s brand needs to be owned locally and driven effectively toward a number of key targeted groups. Whether these are external investments, business, tourism or student groups, the message and the brand needs to appeal and resonate with the needs of these very different groups. Birmingham’s brand needs to be elastic in order to provide the right message to the right groups and still hang together as a credible holistic proposition. For the city to make the most of the opportunities the current business environment offers, it must correctly identify who the key targets are, focus of the most effective channels for communications and provide appropriate, high quality information in order to achieve a high quality branded proposition.