Managing Social Media campaigns?


Over the course of the last 12 months, Zulu has employed a social media campaign alongside it’s own SEO strategy, with remarkable effect. Visitor volume has increased by over 230% and the added content (which was written inline with the social media strategy) has helped develop the search long tail significantly, meaning Zulu now appeals to a greater market, with more specific design and digital requirements.

Our Twitter ‘following to follower’ ratio is approximately 1:4 (at the time of writing), meaning a great number of other businesses and individuals see value in our message and services – and our followers are not simply ‘reciprocal followers’ (many companies employ this technique in order to increase follower quantities, but it is largely unsuccessful). With over 10,000 tweets, we consider ourselves one of the most active Midlands agencies within the social media environment.

It is clear from this data that the Zulu social media strategy is successful in developing a genuine following, an increase in web traffic and also an augmented number of business enquiries. But, as well as employing our social media strategy in order to maximise our own presence, we’ve also employed the strategy for a number of other clients.

One such client is a local governmental partnership. For two years, Zulu has worked closely with the organisation in order to develop a superior organic performance through our complex SEO programme. This year, a social media strategy was added to the programme, and has gone from strength to strength.

In the space of 2 months, visits from Twitter (as a referring source) had increased by 14-fold, and in the same time-frame, the number of followers increased by 40%. The ‘following to follower’ ratio is even more impressive than Zulu’s own, standing at 1:18, meaning the partnership has over 18 times as many people following it, than it follows. It also features on 60 lists. Of course, the social media strategy has helped reinforce the SEO campaign, and the site is now a top resource for ‘all-things Birmingham’. As the partnership is a non-profit organisation, ROI is measured through the visitor volume and key site statistics (such as bounce rates, time on site etc) – which have all substantially improved.

Zulu has also worked on a number of white-labelled SEO and social media solutions, for a selection of the UK’s largest agencies.