Legal Highs: Legally Killing

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Legal Highs: Legally Killing

A report released today by the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (NPSAD), showed an alarming increase in the number of people that died due to now out-lawed methcathinones between 2009 and 2010.

This serious issue has been addressed by the Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Team, they commissioned Zulu Creative to produce a series of posters which would be housed in clubs and bars throughout Birmingham City Centre. Each poster needed to raise awareness of the risks associated with taking drugs, with the first poster focusing solely on Legal Highs. The striking posters featured vibrant, day glow colours, in order to attract the attention of those passing by in the pubs and clubs where they were placed. Each poster also included a unique trackable QR code, which allowed smart phone users to discretely download the BDAAT contact details directly to their smart phones.

Legal Highs - Innocent


Legal Highs - Killer Cocktail


Legal Highs - Know The Score

To read more about the issue, you can see the full BBC article here:   

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