Lack of effective communications is losing the war!


Lack of communications is losing the war!

A lot has been discussed in terms of the militaries current operations, especially with the tragic news from Afghanistan, we are now facing defence cuts and reprioritising of projects and equipment purchase in order to get the troops what they need for current operations. The problem with this approach is we develop our strategic defence strategy and capabilities based on an incremental ‘fire fighting cost cutting program’. When the current operation finally comes to an end what kind of Defence will we have, just like past conflicts, the British Military capabilities will be structured to fight the last war not future conflicts. We did this after the first Gulf War, The Falklands War and the First World War! Unfortunately we pay for this lack of strategic thinking in soldier’s lives.

British Defence is going to have to face up to some tough decisions, they must transform their ability to interact with Government and have an effective voice at the decision making table. The procurement chain is a shambles and is well known, professional soldiers that have no expertise in procurement should leave it to professionals and not medal in areas they do not understand and consistently get wrong! The list could go on, but the reality is any organisation has its difficulties but Defence should do a better job of thinking strategically. Long term planning, securing investment and I’m afraid to say this has a lot to do with effective corporate communications which influence key stakeholders! Rethink your strategic corporate communications – you may just get what you need then! 

Effective corporate communications can help influence the political landscape and make sure you get the right priority of a limited budget!

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