Just how good is your Facebook page?


If you're a regular reader of our blog, or any good Internet Marketing blog for that matter, you'll know how important it is to establish a social media presence online. Of course, whilst it's important to have a presence on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it's also imperative that you make those profiles work for you, creating new business, contacts and interest amongst potential clients.

What's the difference between a company profile and a personal profile on Facebook?

A company profile or 'Fans page' as it was once referred to, is slightly different to a personal Facebook profile yet when a company creates such a profile, they're given the basic framework which most users are familiar with. The 'Wall' will show your fans/visitors your recent activity, the 'Info' tab gives them the chance to find out a little more about your company and the 'Photos', 'Events' and 'Discussions' tabs pretty much do what you'd expect them to. With this in mind, Facebook pages (despite their importance) run the risk of looking very similar and rather uninteresting, unless something is done to liven them up!

If you've got the content, use it to your advantage

If you have a website which is rich in content and has a lot to offer, you might like to consider having some of that content included on your Facebook profile. There are applications out there that allow you to upload and display PDF documents and slideshows for example. It might also be an idea to incorporate your blog/news feed into the Facebook profile, as well as your Twitter stream. This is sure to add a little more interest which your fans will certainly appreciate.

What else can I do to improve my Facebook profile?

There are many other things that can be done to improve your Facebook profile. The FBML application is one feature that perhaps offers the most scope, giving you the ability to create interesting and unique tabs within your profile. Facebook Markup Language can be used, as well as HTML, to display web banners, graphics and formatted text which make visually appealing landing pages.

So I can customise my landing page on Facebook?

Yes, that's right. When you setup a company profile on Facebook, you can change the default landing page from being your Wall, to any other page within your profile. This means that those people who have yet to 'like' your page, will be directed to a custom landing page as apposed to the Wall. Such pages can be used to inform people of your company website, any offers you have or even encourage them into 'liking' your profile, thus building your fan base.

Some of the most successful Facebook profiles make use of the FBML application, so this is definitely one application you can't afford to overlook. Just look at how the likes of Starbucks, McDonalds and Adidas use FBML to enhance their profiles! Starbucks Facebook Profile McDonalds Facebook Profile Adidas Facebook Profile So how good is your Facebook page?

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