Jeep - See Whatever You Want To See

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Jeep - See Whatever You Want To See

These posters for Jeep, initially looks like quite simple illustrations of either a Giraffe, Elephant or Deer, however turn the posters upside down and you see just how clever the ads really are.

Jeep are undergoing somewhat of a renaissance with their advertising, we featured these Jeep Ads in a previous blog which used optical illusions to showcase the brand and Jeep have continued with this idea for their latest series. You might say 'That's not very adventurous for a company that's all about exploration and adventure', but when they're done as well as these, you just have to doff your cap and say 'Well done'. Which is why Leo Burnett France won the Gold Award for Press at this years Cannes Lion Festival.

The campaign is neatly wrapped up in a brilliant strapline 'See whatever you want to see.' The agency said the ads 'invite the reader to discover an animal at the other end of the world'. 

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