Is Birmingham a creative centre?


Is Birmingham a creative centre?

A great deal of good work has been done to establish real centres of excellence within Birmingham for the Creative Industry. Some of these centres (such as the Custard Factory) have started to mature and have a real feeling of belonging.

Sustaining the Birmingham Creative Industry

For the Birmingham Creative Industry to develop and flourish, design must be recognised as an essential part of business strategy. It is fundamental to include creative thinking and robust design at the beginning of any project. Birmingham needs to embrace the creative industry and place design at the heart of it's thinking.

Stop the Creative drain out of Birmingham

With increasing city rents, tighter margins and a lack of finance, the creative industry appears to be deserting the city centre for the leafy outskirts. Some people may think that this is not significant, however, it is important to remember that many of our best creative thinkers come straight from University with raw talent and are determined to push the boundaries. Many new graduates rely on easy infrastructure links to get to work. It is incredibly important that designers can be with other multidiscipline creatives to exchange ideas and learn from the rich interchange that this discourse creates.

Keeping Birmingham as a creative hub

It is critical that Birmingham retains a thriving creative centre that houses the creative industry. The exchange of ideas fuels a dynamic and engaging culture that keeps the city fresh and innovative.