Is a local agency managing your social media?


It’s quite simple really. Let’s say that you’re based in Birmingham. If a local, Birmingham agency is not managing your social media presence, then you could be missing a trick because they are sure to be able to provide real insight and an enhanced understanding of the context and local environment in which your business operates.

Understanding local events, such as key initiatives, festivals and what might be on in the local area, really gives an engaging and interesting flavour to your social media campaign, and managing all this information simply requires too much time for you to do it in-house.

Speaking the same language

It is important for your social presence to take the form of a campaign, which looks to build credibility and engage with those working in your sector. By making sure that your channel publishes content that resonates with your audience is obviously rather important, and in doing so, you will create engagement and therefore build traffic and interest in your brand and products alike.

Knowing when and where to talk

Getting the frequency of communications and publishing right is also critical. Social media platforms are active at different times of the day - it is not a uniform process and by understanding when your target audience is likely to be engaging with each channel, will increase the chances of delivering a good return on investment.

Quality content is king

As in the search world, quality content is king in the social media world too. Not only should your content resonate with your market sector and readers, it should encourage them to return to your site again and again.

Building a long lasting relationship

You can achieve this by building a credible profile via your chosen social channels, but it is more than just frequency or volume of tweets or status updates. You need to make sure that your content is broadcast at the most appropriate time of the day and with the frequency in which people wish to receive information.

Remember to invest in the long term just as you would in a meaningful relationship. It takes time to build and requires two-way engagement.