Innovate marketing or die!


House prices are going up again and key analysts are suggesting that these are the green shoots of recovery. I do not know of any commercial business that is not suffering and continuing to suffer in the present economic environment. The next year has already indicated significant uplifts in the costs of running a business and also the cost of living!

I think we are a long way away from the end of the recession. We know that from working with our clients, that they have to work harder, get closer to their customers and innovate their products in order to service them.

It requires a total overhaul of their current thinking, the culture of the organisation needs to be fully engaged in transforming the business, not because they are bad or poorly performing, but because standing still, doing the same thing as you did before, will not keep you safe in the current and future economic environment.

This can be harder than you think! Where does the fresh thinking come from? Many small businesses have been successful in marketing the way they have always done, to think differently often needs a fresh pair of eyes. We work with a lot of businesses where we ask those questions and we have had some great results, including one business where we grew their companies customer base by 10% in one month!

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