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Advertising is powerful…fact, and where it can be frowned upon because it's constantly telling us to buy those new trainers or get that new car otherwise our lives will be shallow and empty. It can also be a force for positive change, it can bring causes to our attention and enlighten us to our environment and the world we plod through daily, with some degree of blinkered vision.

This weeks Ads of the Week show ads that you won't want to see but really should. They bring very serious subjects to our attention in some quite quirky ways and in others by just simply slapping us in the face, and although there are a couple where the shock tactic alone delivers the message, they all encompass the power of advertising and for a change in this instance as a whole for the better good. But as it's Friday, we still all need a giggle, so the last advert is for Queer Travel Germany and I don't think I need say anymore than that really :) How did the ads make you feel? Did any standout? If so which ones, let us know in the comments box below. Have a great weekend.

Casa Do Menor

Child Health Foundation

Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Good Parents


Just Hand Wash

The Roy Castle - Lung Cancer Foundation

Save the Children


Queer Travel

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