I'm the Candy Man!

Ads of Week

Sing along…"Who can take a sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two"

"The Candy Man The Candy Man can The Candy Man can cause He mixes it with love And makes the world taste good"

This weeks theme is, as you may have guessed from the introduction…Sweets. I've purposely put the ad for Kittam first as it really gets you staring, click on the image to get the large view and the  just move your eyes, left to right and back again….it's cool. I love the Hubba Bubba ad, as it clearly delivers the brands message, as a kid all I ever did was try to blow a bigger and bigger bubble, the ad communicates that really cleverly. The Chilli Pringles ad is also really clever and very subtle, but my favourite for just lol moment is The Orbit Ad. What's your favourite? Let us know in the comments box or drop us a comment on Google+. Have a great weekend.

Kittam - Spice that Makes your eyeballs rolling.

Bounty - Two pieces of paradise


Chuppa Chups - for a smokeless world

Clorets - eliminate bad breath

Delicato - No wholewheat guaranteed

Dos En Uno - Bubble Gum 50th Anniversary

Kit Kat - Have a break

Lion Bar

Mentos - Ice Mint

Wrigleys Orbit White - Beautiful teeth

Pringles - Chilli

Snickers - Nerd (Facebook)

Trident White - Don't coffee-block your smile

Hubb Bubba - Beach

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