How we work with clients


As with any work Zulu conducts, the thoughts and requirements of the client are considered of paramount importance. The goals, which the client is expecting to achieve, are logged, whilst comprehensive competitor analysis is conducted in order to understand the approach of others operating within the same market place.

Clients are always ‘kept in the loop’ and they form an important part of our ongoing social media campaigns. Clients are asked to provide Zulu with a regular stream of content (tweets etc) amongst other things, but ultimately, we like to take the hard-work out of managing the strategy by keeping the maintenance of each campaign in-house, with our team of social media experts. As mentioned in our previous blogs, social media is a continuous, dynamic and intensive channel to make full use of, and we recognise that it would be difficult for our clients to manage alone.

Because much of our social media strategy is designed, shaped and managed in-house, there is little requirement for extensive training. Clients are instead briefed on writing engaging content (blogs, news articles and tweets), which of course, forms an essential part of the overall strategy and we work with our clients in order to improve levels of engagement and conversion rates by analysing landing page structure, and highlighting areas for improvement. This can often be done through a series of A/B tests.

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