How to integrate your marketing and grow your business!


Even in hard times you can still grow your business. The key is looking at what you do in a joined up way. You need to make sure everything works together for your customer!

We spend a lot of our time making sure our clients' strategy is really joined up. We often start a journey with a very specific request like ‘ I want a new logo or a new web site’ but when we ask 'why, what are you going to do with it and what part is it going to play in your businesses?', the conversations get a lot more interesting. You can add a lot more value if you understand what the company is trying to achieve. We try to advise and offer suggestions to our clients that they may not have thought of. This way not only do they end up with a well thought out, great piece of work but they know how it all fits in.

A good example of how this has worked, can be seen in the work we have done for one of our clients. They work in a relatively unsophisticated market, wanted a new website and needed the graphic interface to be very easy to understand and the user experience compelling and retention friendly. When we discussed what part this project played in their wider business strategy, we were able to offer a range of suggestions, which really enriched their plan. They ended up introducing some channel marketing, analysing their customer database, introducing a customer contact strategy and improving their acquisition performance through the use of A/B testing techniques. The results have been great, in a single month they grew their business by 10%. We are certainly the flavour of the month with that client!

We really do believe that in these difficult times, you can drive business performance. I think that when things weren’t so tough, you didn’t need to work so hard finding and retaining business. The good news is, for those companies that are prepared to take a good hard look at themselves, I think there is still success and growth opportunities in most markets.

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