How to improve your site performance


Are you looking to get the most out of your website? Whether you want to achieve better brand awareness, drive traffic or even encourage an increase in sales, it is important that whatever the aims are for your website, you have a clear vision of what you're trying to achieve and that it is clearly articulated to your chosen agency.

Testing, deployment and control

Although you might have a clear vision and objective of what your website is doing, measurements of success are often taken by anecdotal evidence rather than key statistical evidence. This type of evaluation is not necessarily valuable and is commonly used by poor marketing teams in order to avoid telling you whether or not your website is achieving its goals. It is critically important to have a rigorous and robust testing process in place in order to measure the effectiveness of your online strategy.

Learning by doing!

Of course, measuring what you do is only one part of the process. The other part is to analyse information that is being fed back to you via the monitoring systems/tools you have in place so that you can develop that data into a comprehensive understanding. Taking that learning and insight through to implementation is key and means that your website will continuously improve and evolve.

Continuous competitive advantage

Remember that nothing stays still very long in the online world, but by measuring, reviewing, learning and adjusting your site (through a virtual improvement cycle which is free from sacred cows), you can ensure that your website will remain competitive within your market.

Facts, supposition and speculation!

As with every form of marketing, there are certain things, which we know to be true. Facts can be uncovered through a detailed and methodical approach towards online marketing. There are also things that we believe to be true - and we may have some evidence to support these beliefs. These bits of information fall into the ‘supposition’ category. Moving down the scale, we also know that there are times when we base our strategies on pure speculation or hunches – but this can be very, very costly should mistakes arise.

If you wish to have an effective online strategy, the performance of your website is important and you must test and continuously measure its achievements in order to learn and to review your whole methodology. This will result in your organisation achieving competitive advantage. Try and validate every change, every assumption that you have.

I hope that these points help you to achieve some real success!