How popular is Twitter in London?


Social networks such as Twitter have become hugely popular over the last few years, and they now form part of everyday life for many people across the globe. The sheer volume of tweets is mind-blowing and immensely difficult to wrap your head around.

So how often is Twitter used?

An article we wrote last year highlighted the fact that almost 1.5 billion tweets (that's 1,500,000,000 tweets!) were expected to be published in a single month and we've no doubt that this figure has substantially increased over the last 12 months.

Anders Johansson of UCL, shows how Twitter is used in London

In order to help illustrate Twitter usage, Anders Johansson of University College London, has made use of the SIMULCARA technology (which is usually used to track the movement of public transport in the UK), in order to track tweets and retweets across London.

The date chosen by Anders was March 23rd 2011, and the video illustrates the use of Twitter within the city for a full 24 hours. The red dots seen on the video are tweets, whilst the yellow points are retweets, which move in the direction of the originating tweet.

London Tweets 24h from Anders Johansson on Vimeo.


The results are certainly impressive, especially from a visual sense as the video gives a clear indication as to the sheer number of tweets published and the times of day which see the most tweets being written (as it happens, the evening is the time when most tweets are written, indicating that physical social activity goes hand-in-hand with virtual social activity).

It will be interesting to see how this sort of data might be interpret by others.

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