How much do you spend on marketing?


When we have been involved in marketing audits, we spend time going around the organisation look at all  the material that communicates the company’s brand. As well as the obvious brochures, booklets and adverts there is often much more information, including signs, notice boards, information leaflets, - all of which need to be designed and produced.

I remember working for one company that outsourced a huge amount of design and print to an FM (facilities management) company. This company put a number of colour copiers and imbedded publishing teams into the business. The net effect of introducing this capability was to send the volume, and therefore cost, through the roof. When we look at this its simple – if you give people the ability to produce colour copies and give them people who are free of the brand compliance structure you end up with corporate havoc and increased profits for outsourced companies.

If you want to know how much you spend, collect everything (no matter how small) that has your logo on or conveys information internally or externally in a single room. Get a pen and add a sticker detailing who produces it and how it is produced. Do a quick estimation of the cost in time and material of how this is done – I guarantee you will be shocked at how many people are involved in marketing and what your costs really are!