Have you had enough of Twitter?


Social media has been a hot topic throughout this year. Social media created a fascinating opportunity for businesses to engage with a wide group of potential customers and it seemed an alluring proposition.

The reality of social media marketing

For a great number of businesses, social media seemed like the Holy Grail, offering cheap engagement with a huge market place. These early hopes were soon dashed and companies invested in developing a huge following on Twitter and forming unwieldy groups on Facebook, which had no real interest in their products or services. They were simply riding the social media wave.

Agencies and consultants

Both agencies and independent consultants were quick to start to offer seminars and workshops to give businesses real insight into how to capture the potential of the social network phenomenon. Much of what was offered was a vanilla, bland approach that recommended channels and the basic function of social media, but failed to give real insight into creating an engaging experience.

Social media is here to stay

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we form networks and also how we search for information. This knowledge exchange had started to change the nature of businesses. Business needs to be engaged in the knowledge transfer process and be seen to be a valued contributor.

Invest in your network the way you would in your friends

It is critically important to build high quality networks in order to become a success online. Forget numbers and look for individuals who are really interested in what you do. The key to this is providing quality content that is informative and engaging.

Offer quality to your social network

Spend some time to produce high quality information or commentary to your social network. Give people a reason to follow you and stay following you!

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