Google to roll out live updating results?


A short while ago, we came across this clip (below) which shows that Google is potentially experimenting with it's search engine results pages.

Rather than typing your search query into Google, pressing 'return' and then being presented with the results, this video shows how the search engine is returning results as you type - meaning it's guessing what you're going to search for, before you tell it.

This is obviously quite an exciting experiment. If it works as it should, searching can become quicker, but there are a few negative issues.

I'm not sure how many people will appreciate their screens flashing in front of them whilst they're searching - perhaps Google needs to address this? Is there a softer and more fluid transition to the live updating?

The other concern relates to the environment. Each time a search is conducted, a load is placed on the Google servers, which means power is required to carry out the request. With more searches being carried out as a result of the live updating results, server load and hence, power consumption is likely to increase substantially. Whilst Google has invested heavily in it's green credentials, is this the best use of it's power? Is this really going to enhance usability enough to justify the development? Let us know what you think...