Google reaches one billion visitors


May 2011 now represents a significant month in Google's history, and also, the history of the Internet. According to comScore, the digital marketing intelligence agency, Google became the first company to reach the huge total of one billion visitors during a single month.

In May 2010, Google had already recorded well over 900,000 unique visitors in a single month, and despite a few fluctuations, that figure has grown to reach the most significant milestone ever since.

Google reaches one billion visits per month milestone

So how has Facebook been doing?

Facebook's growth however, has been even more impressive, with it's rate of increase far greater than Google's. It was thought that the social media giant may reach the one billion visitor milestone before its search counterpart, but ultimately, that was not to be.

How has Google reached this milestone?

Of course, it is interesting to see that Google has actually reached the one billion visitor milestone with help from all of its sites - that includes the likes of, and - meaning one billion visits were not recorded against a single domain. It would certainly be interesting to see the breakdown of individual sites and their monthly visitor volume.

Based on the comScore data, one expects to be the first, single website to achieve the one billion visitor status.

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