Google Punishes Content Farms with New Algorithmic Change


This is just a quick update to let our regular visitors/readers know that Google has confirmed that it has rolled out an algorithmic change in the US which it hopes will help control content farms.

Content farms are a problem online, as they simply regurgitate text and articles found elsewhere on the web. We all know that in order to continuously improve the web, we need its contributors to provide fresh, unique and interesting content - and not mindlessly post copied text. This helps no-one.

Whilst Google has worked hard to reduce 'spammy' content and articles in the past, this algorithm is the greatest signal yet that content farms are on the way out. The SERPs will be a better place for this update.

Unfortunately, the algorithmic change has yet to be introduced to Google UK but I've no doubt that it will be soon - probably within the next few weeks.

So, you're probably all wondering how to avoid picking up a penalty as a result of this algorithmic change. Well, it's quite simple really. When you write something for your website, make sure that it is worth posting and that you haven't copied most of the key themes from elsewhere/another site.

Good luck! If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a shout!

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