Google introduces Click-to-Call


In the last 18 months, a great deal has happened within the online environment - too much to talk about in a short, simple blog (of course, if you’d like to find out more, you could always give us a call)! With the introduction of ‘Click-to-Call’ numbers in mobile ads, Google has taken the next step and has paved a further path for us to explore.

What are ‘Click-to-Call’ ads?

Click-to-Call ads are another feature which Google has introduced to it’s sponsored listings within it’s mobile SERPs. Internet-enabled phones such as the iPhone and Palm Pre will have access to the facility. When a search is conducted and the results listings are shown, advertisers will have the ability to choose whether they wish for their telephone numbers to be displayed in ‘click-to-call’ format. With this feature enabled, potential clients will not need to actually visit the website, but instead have the ability to call the advertiser directly from the Google results page.

What does ‘Click-to-Call’ mean to search?

According to Google, the new service was trialled and a 5-30% improvement was made on Click Through Rates (CTR). Of course, it remains to be seen just how successful it really is to you and I! I have my doubts as to whether the service should cost the same as a click to the respective site would, but there you go…that’s just me!

But is there a bigger picture? What’s next for search?

As technology evolves, opportunity emerges. More and more people are using mobile devices to surf the web, and with a great deal of capability crammed into such a small product, they’re hardly to blame! The fact is, mobile web browsing is fast becoming an everyday essential and as it increases in popularity, you can expect more mobile specific products/services to enter the market. Of course if such products are innovative and appealing enough, the attraction of a web-enabled mobile device becomes too much for some, and many more individuals make the investment in the technology. This then results in a snowball effect, with more users causing an increased emphasis being placed on delivering valuable mobile services…and the process continues. Is Google trying to start the snowball rolling?

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