Google Editions set to launch this month


UPDATE: Since this blog was written, Google has released it's ebook store. Check it out!

As well as being a search heavyweight, Google enjoys diversifying it's products and offerings, venturing down a number of other avenues. In the past, it's been known to explore social media, it's been developing it's own operating system, it's already launched it's own web browser and has even gone as far as acquiring vast wind farms in order to match it's green policies.

Now, Google is set to venture into the digital book market through it's Google Editions e-store.

This development will put Google into competition with the likes of Amazon and Apple, as well as a number of other companies.

Google Logo According to reports, Google was scheduled to launch Editions earlier in the year, and that delay may be a decision they regret, as a Christmas launch is unlikely to bring in as much business as you might expect. You see, when buying gifts, people like to buy through established systems, and whilst they are likely to trust in Google, they know what they're getting when they buy from Amazon.

If the service is good, Google will probably see a bit of an uplift in business through Editions after Christmas, but of course, it remains to be seen as to whether the service can compete with the likes of Amazon. After all, Google's attempt at social media was pretty unsuccessful, so what's to say this venture will be a success?