Google Chrome OS released today?


The eagerly anticipated Google Chrome OS (Operating System) is scheduled to be unveiled today, at an event in San Francisco despite the rumours having been quashed by Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

According to some, the Chrome OS will not be available via download and will initially, only ship with Google branded notebooks. Further reports have suggested that Google has far from finished finalising Chrome OS, after a number of bugs were discovered whilst it was in testing mode.

Whether Chrome is fully released today or not, the new operating system will be an interesting product to say the least. For those that don't know much about it, Google Chrome OS has been designed to work exclusively with web applications - meaning the company has effectively re-invented how a desktop computer is to be used - for starters, you'll need an internet connection for whatever task you carry out.

There are a number of other potential problems with Chrome OS including the inability to run external software (such as Microsoft Office).

We'll be interested to see how Google Chrome OS is received by the public.

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