Getting the right skills for your business


Getting the right skills for your business

Getting the right skills to help your business at the right time and at an affordable price is not always that easy. The most successful businesses work hard to attract and retain the best talent which can become a significant drain on the business, however the rapidly developing knowledge economy is transforming how these skills can be accessed, traded and valued. 

The use of networks, skills pools, knowledge forums – where individuals collaborate in order to solve problems and produce new insights is transforming the design and innovation space.

The utilisation of wider social networks, (both online and real space) are creating new and dynamic organisational structures, more agile and reactive to changing market conditions. The dynamic nature of these blurred organisational boundaries has produced challenges for traditional management approaches whilst offering the opportunity for not only outsourcing non-core capabilities but significant management intellectual capability. The relationships that are being created are more collaborative and inclusive and are redefining how the business space defines critical assets.

At Zulu we have been at the forefront of this approach and add significant value to our client by the way we work and the access to skills we bring to the solution – if you fancy a bit more of an insight as to what this could do for your business drop me a line and we can catch a coffee to discuss in more detail. 

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