Free SEO Tips?


We recently wrote a blog about the value of a professional SEO campaign, and how, despite a few businesses being wary of investing in such a marketing strategy, the benefits are extensive - providing you select the right agency. We do however realise that not everyone can afford to employ an agency to create a bespoke web strategy (especially start-ups), so we thought we'd give you a helping hand! It is Christmas after all! Below, we've listed a number of points which can be used in order to get your wheels in motion!

1. Get your site indexed as quickly as possible!

There are a number of tools and sites out there at the moment which allow non-web-savvy people to create reasonable looking websites through which they can advertise their services/products. Whilst these sites/tools should not be considered a long-term web solution, they do provide an opportunity for individuals to start their web venture as quickly as possible. When you've got a site up and running, write to a few webmasters (via email) asking for a link to be placed on their sites, directed at yours! If they agree, the links you've managed to secure will provide Search Engines with a means of finding your site.

Once they have, Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Bots will work their way through the various pages which you've created on your site, developing a profile of the content and subject matter. Their understanding of your site will be used during the ranking process, which sees your pages placed appropriately within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) against relevant terms. The quicker your site is included in the Google index, the better. It is understood that the Search giant is more likely to place sites which it has had indexed for years higher than those just indexed. Therefore, the sooner you have your site included, the sooner you can start earning money or promoting your services!

2. Content, content, content

As so many of the online 'SEO guides' will tell you, content is key to most, if not all SEO strategies. Many of the tools described above offer the ability to update your site regularly with content, whether it be through a blog, or just by adding more pages into your sitemap. By adding more content, your site has the ability to reach out to a larger target audience, thus developing what is called the 'search long tail'. Also, the frequent addition of content forces the search engine bots to return to the site in order to reindex what you have added and this shows them that you are serious about generating content, and you have something worthwhile to publish! Of course, you will be rewarded for this with improved rankings!

3. Get involved in the online community

By participating in forums and blogs, which are relevant to your site, you will begin to attract attention and become somewhat of an authority figure within your sector - providing you know what you're talking about! If people value your opinion, they may ask for you to comment on their own blogs, publish guest posts or simple link to your site in order to let other people know about your service! This is all good stuff, especially if it results in more visits to your site, and more enquiries! Why not give it a go, or, if you have a budget, drop us a line and we'd be happy to speak to you about setting up a more comprehensive campaign!