Five Images You'll Wish You Could Unsee

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The saying ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’ has never been truer than in these images. We are all of us becoming more and more aware of our impact on our environment and how we are quickly using up all our natural resources. 

We help in little ways like using our ‘bag for life’ when grocery shopping,  soon all grocery stores will charge for their plastic bags in a bid to reduce their use and as good as we may feel by doing this, it really is just a token gesture in the grand scheme of things. Yes we all need to do it and collectively we’ll make a difference, but what about the things we don’t know about? Would we do things differently if we could see the whole picture?

Global Population Speak Out, has produced a book to hit people right between the eyes with something so unbelievable you’ll never forget what you see.

How else could this impression be delivered without these stunning pictures? Media doesn’t always have to be funny or serious, but it should always communicate.

These 5 images are just a small sample of what the book offers. For more info and to buy the book visit their site here

Surfing off the coast of Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island - Nice heh!

Greenhouses in Almeria - those strawberries you're eating probably came from here!

National Willamette Forest, Oregon, 99% deforested - Like something from a Mad Max film

A forest in Indonesia turned into a palm plantation

Mexico City, 20 million inhabitants

For more info and to buy the book visit their site here