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Dulux - For Better Cover Ups

Everybody at some point has wondered about one kind of conspiracy story or another, one statement of truth that is so clearly a lie, whether it be real moon landings, Area 51, Michael Jackson being white or OJ is innocent. What fuels that intrigue is the vehement denial from government officials, politicians or celebrities that there's any truth to any of it.

Dulux have used this as the basis of their recent campaign demonstrating how effective theor paint is at covering up things you like to hide. The've used three very key events, George W Bush's statement 'They have weapons of mass destruction', President Nixon's statement 'I am not a crook' and Lance Armstrong's statement 'I do not take performance enhancing drugs'.

Dulux For Better Cover Ups - Lance Armstrong

Dulux For Better Cover Ups - Richard Nixon

Dulux For Better Cover Ups - George W Bush