Design & marketing must lead the way!


In recent times, the media has dedicated huge resources towards the discussions, which centre on the rebalancing of the economy following the financial crisis. It is understood that this ‘rebalancing’ will provide an increase in the amount of manufacturing which we, as a country, are involved in. It is also expected that our skill sets will improve as we become more involved in high-tech industries and green economies but for many years now, Britain has witnessed a decline in these areas.

Although this rebalancing will take place over a number of years and will form the cornerstone of this and future governments’ key economic strategies, we will still need to sell and market these products and services effectively, to the rest of the world. Having a robust creative design and advertising industry, based at the heart our manufacturing industry, is therefore essential and is key if we are to achieve long-term strategic success within this initiative.

The benefits of using a local design agency

Local design agencies are more likely to understand the requirements of a local manufacturer, their culture, wider restrictions and wider objectives. I think that the utilisation of local services can be really effective as it can promote a working relationship with mutual benefits.

How to get the most out of local design agencies

If you are looking for a local design agency, start by finding out who works within your area. Next, understand the services they offer, gather examples of their work and assess how well that work matches the brief they worked against. It is valuable to gather references too, and by speaking with companies who have used a given agency before, you can start to paint a picture of how they work, whether you can trust them and what sort of success they have achieved before.

Can you get the talent you require in Birmingham?

Just like the manufacturing industry, certain key skills have eroded from the design industry, so you may not find everything you want in Birmingham. However, as the economic recovery mounts, it is important for us to identify which skills and services are required (which don’t already exist in the area), and which can have a real impact on business growth and success.

Birmingham: Working together to provide success

Just as in the heady days of pre-1950, when Birmingham was the manufacturing capital of Britain, we need to rediscover the collaborative culture of working together across different industries and different marketing sectors in order to become a world class, world-beating city again!

It is critically important that we support, and we provide, the right infrastructure, training and skills to make our city the best and most competitive city in the world.

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