Creative use of Digital Marketing


These days, when it comes to finding yourself a job, you'll need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Recently, every time we open a newspaper, we're presented with a different story of how a 1st Class Honours Graduate is struggling to get an interview let alone find work, having applied for hundreds upon hundreds of positions.

A creative use of Digital Marketing

An interesting article that grabbed my attention recently, was centred around the creative use of Adwords which, for those of you that don't know, is Google's paid advertising program.

Do you search your own name on Google?

Alec Brownstein, a copywriter from the US, launched an experiment which he hoped would bag him a job at one of New York's most prestigious ad agencies. By focusing on vanity searches, he was able to get interviews at all but one of the agencies he targeted, eventually being offered a job by Young & Rubicam.

Getting a job through Google Adwords

He bid 15 cents per click to appear against names such as Gerry Graf, David Droga and Ian Reichenthal, and having spent only 6 dollars, the experiment achieved it's ultimate goal.

It's certainly a creative use of digital marketing, and an interesting way to capitalise upon peoples' vanity. Perhaps we'll see more people using this approach in the future. If you're a company director, you might like to Google your name and see if anyone is looking to attract your attention!

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