Broaden Your Marketing Appeal


The Employers Forum on Disabiity would have us believe that the one in six of the general population are considered to disabled or have a long-standing health problem hold spending power worth a whopping £80bn a year. I don't know about you but initially that seems to be quite a large market worth tapping in to.

Additionally, the Forum would want us to understand that this market is largely disgruntled by the way most businesses do not even consider them when thinking about how we communicate through our marketing materials, deliver our services and construct our workplaces. A genuine opportunity one might think. Particularly in the current economic climate we would agree that looking to broaden your marketing appeal to wider audiences could be a very wise move in upping the survival stakes. What's more this appeal is quickly achievable and in most instances relatively cheap to implement. There's always a long term strategic view, but first by considering how your products could already be attractive to all or parts of this audience then tailoring the design and interactive nature of your communications you could soon be tapping in to this revenue stream.

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