Birmingham as a brand


Birmingham as a brand

Birmingham has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years with many large-scale infrastructure and inner city developments making it a real destination spot.

Utilising design in the Birmingham redevelopment program

Birmingham has been guilty of not integrating effective design early enough or at critical points in the past, yet one of the key features of the city’s recent success has been the effective utilisation of design in the planning stages of Birmingham’s redevelopment.

Letting people know

Although a huge amount of positive development has been undertaken in the last few years in Birmingham, it is not unreasonable to question whether people know about what has happened beyond the local residence of the city.

Effective communications

Part of the design process is articulating purpose, nature and form in a simple a unified manner. This should extend beyond the physical object and resonate throughout the journey of engagement.

Getting the message right

From the design concept through to the different communication channels, the key concepts need to be appropriately articulated in order to create understanding and engagement. Developing end-to-end design combined with effective communications enables a positive Birmingham brand to emerge.