BDAAT Drugs Quiz: How high can you score?


When was the last time you were tested for drugs? Now you can get tested anytime you wish from the comfort of your armchair, with the newly designed and developed online Drugs Quiz.

The Birmingham Drug and Alcohol Action Team (BDAAT) asked Zulu to design and produce a new e-learning package to enable individuals to increase their knowledge and awareness of substance use and related issues. The drugs quiz is designed to help people increase their knowledge of legal and illegal drugs. The quiz is aimed at professionals working in or out of the field, as well as drug and alcohol users and carers, and members of the public.

BDAAT Drugs Quiz

BDAAT Drugs Quiz 2

A key function of the e-learning courses, which comprise of ten modules, was to allow users to undertake the courses at their own pace. The system remembers where users have got to in any one course and allows them to come back and finish at a time of their own choosing.

The course covers the main drug types:

Alcohol Amphetamines Cannabis Cocaine & Crack Ecstasy Heroin Khat Ketamine Solvents Steroids

The quiz has been very successful since its launch and has seen high volume uptake in registrations and also interest from several other Drug & Alcohol partnerships from within the UK.

BDAAT Drugs Quiz 3

BDAAT Drugs Quiz 4

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