Are you making the most out of LinkedIn?


At a time when there's so much hype surrounding Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you'd be forgiven for forgetting about the business-based social network, LinkedIn. Each of the social networks require a great deal of time in order to keep profiles up-to-date, meaning very little time is spent communicating - and connecting - with other LinkedIn users.

But, it is extremely important for business people and graduates to spend a reasonable amount of time logged into LinkedIn rather than the other networks, as opportunities which are unlikely to arise via Facebook and Google+, could possibly arise via LinkedIn.

It is important to remember LinkedIn isn't just a network for those seeking work. Business people from across the globe are able to use the platform as a means of communicating and connecting with others operating in the same industry. There are business groups which give members a forum to discuss industry news, and it's also an opportunity for business people to connect with potential suppliers and customers. Without LinkedIn, you might spend days on the telephone just trying to find out who you should speak to in order to discuss a potential deal between your company and theirs - but with LinkedIn, you can quickly identify those individuals occupying the roles most appropriate to you.


Here at Zulu, we spend a great deal of time talking to our associates on LinkedIn. If you've not already connected with us, why not join us?

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