Are you accessible via Social Media?


Would you say that you’re accessible through social media? This is a key question, particularly as many companies have moved into the social media space recently. A large proportion of those organisations are using the channel as an added marketing tool, yet in order to create the all-important ‘engagement’, they must first identify how accessible they are.

When was the last time you responded to a Twitter message or answered a Facebook message for example? If the answer is ‘some time ago’, then I’d suggest that you’ve moved out of the realms of what is considered ‘accessible’ within the online social environment. The fact is, as such a dynamic channel, people who are looking to communicate with you will often get annoyed when their direct messages or @mentions go unanswered. They expect others using Twitter (and other social networks) to understand the unwritten rules of ‘social media etiquette’: unless you’re a celebrity (who gets hundreds of messages sent to them from complete strangers), you’re expected to reply.

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Raising false expectations can be dangerous

By simply using social media, you have created the belief and understanding that you will be accessible to other people looking to communicate with you. By presenting inconsistency around your brand (through not replying and engaging in conversation), you could damage your perception amongst key customers.


Thinking the marketing strategy through

My point goes back to establishing a marketing strategy, and thinking it through. Make sure that your brand articulation is managed appropriately across different (and multi-dimensional) channels. Understand what each channel requires and make sure your resources and capabilities are correctly deployed and aligned in order to give your company the best return on investment. This is absolutely critical.

Consider resources in order to make sure your campaign is sustainable

As I mentioned previously, building relationships are key to the whole process of social media management. Make sure each relationship is sustainable; you must have appropriate resources deployed in order to make sure that your campaign is credible so as to build a custom engagement; otherwise your engagement will dwindle along with your commitment!

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