Are we seeing the new, greener Google?


As a green agency, we understand the importance of sustainability and have a genuine interest in environmental initiatives and projects. Operating in the digital sector also means that we're interested in hearing about what other companies positioned within the market are doing to improve their green credentials.

Google invests in wind farms

As it happens, Google has recently invested a huge $38.8 million in two wind farms, and has followed up that investment with a '20 year Power Purchase Agreement' with another wind farm.

The important thing to note is that this is a win-win situation for all involved. Shareholders have been encouraged not to worry that the company has simply thrown away money on an 'environmental fad' as the agreement creates enough energy to power a handful of Google's datacenters and the company has also protected itself against the rising energy costs by locking the wind farm into a long-term deal.

From an environmental perspective, there are obvious benefits and Google is keen to continue to work towards becoming carbon neutral.

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