Are the Chinese Government & Google friends?


Last year, the Chinese Government and Google fell out over censorship concerns. It now appears that the two parties are in an amicable relationship since China has now renewed Google's licence, allowing the firm to operate it's local website in the country.

Google China

The US-based search giant threatened to leave the Chinese market completely after cyber attacks were traced back to the country. Google then decided to stop censoring search results in China, by redirecting mainland users to the Hong Kong search engine,

How long will companies comply with Chinese regulations?

The move showed that Google, a major multi-national organisation, was no-longer prepared to co-operate with China's censorship of the Internet. Google's actions were a huge gamble, with China said to be the largest and most rapidly growing online market in the world - it's growing by a huge 40% per year. Since then, Chinese users have struggled to use Google services such as GMail, and Google has continued to lose market share to Baidu, the Chinese search-leader.

Google has however, stuck to its principles and continues to redirect Chinese search queries through its Hong Kong servers in order to deliver unrestricted results and information.

Now, rather than simply let Google's operating licence expire, China has granted the company another 12-month licence meaning it can legally continue to operate its search facility with workarounds and the much-publicised lack of filtering, still in place.

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