Alexa Ranking does not indicate success!


Please forgive the tone of my imminent rant, I don’t mean to offend. I just wish people would stop taking so much notice of Alexa Rankings – they are not important! I recently read an article over at ProBlogger which was entitled, ‘How to boost your Alexa Ranking (by a MILLION Places!) in Two Months and One Day’.

Despite my best efforts to inform readers of the article that the statistic was not important and is no longer considered a sign of success, the article continues to be retweeted and readers continue to post comments thanking the author for passing on such ‘valuable’ information. There was a time when Alexa was considered extremely important, but now, with the web having moved on significantly, it is little more than a pointless stat.

The simple fact is, a site’s Alexa Ranking is calculated based on the number of times a given site is viewed, by those whom have the Alexa Toolbar installed (via Firefox for example). It is not based on the quality of a site, nor is it based on the frequency in which content is updated – which the ProBlogger article seems to imply. As a digital agency specialising in SEO, Zulu has first hand experience of Alexa Rankings. Most of the Zulu employees tend to use Firefox (with the Alexa Toolbar installed) as their default browser, and we have seen rankings dramatically improve (by several million in a matter of months), whilst working on websites, which have yet to be made publicly accessible.

Surely this proves that Alexa Rankings are skewed and are unreliable as a measure of how successful a site is. If you are still skeptical and are unsure of what to believe, I invite you to install the Alexa Toolbar for Firefox, and visit your website several times a day (using the Firefox browser), for a few weeks. The results may surprise you.