Advice from a Dragons Den investor


The Sunday Telegraph recently published an article addressing how many businesses either fail to understand the benefits of web marketing, or engage in some aspect of it poorly and to the detriment of the business.

The article was written by Emma Barnett, to promote ‘MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival’ in Sheffield, where former Dragons Den investor, Doug Richard, was offering a 2-day digital master-class, informing attendees of the basics they should be engaging with, to create a successful business online.

How can businesses perform better through online activity?

He highlights that the key is for businesses to, ‘increase their revenues at a lower cost – which is exactly what the web, with all its marketplaces, tools and social platforms, offers’. Unfortunately, too many organisations find themselves employing more staff, to solely manage their social media accounts for example, which achieves the opposite to what Doug suggests.

What’s more, when a company employs people to specifically manage their Twitter channel, they increase the risk of damaging the organisation’s reputation – and there are many, many precedents for this.

How can we reduce costs?

For a number of businesses, out-sourcing social media management can be favourable. Zulu, for example, is able to effectively manage the publishing of tweets at specific times of day, as well as acting as a brand guardian by providing feedback, which has come from your ‘followers’ and/or clients.

By handing the responsibility over to an agency, the costs associated with managing social campaigns can be lower than they would be if an internal team were to be created/employed, and the social media channel can also be seamlessly integrated into other online marketing activity such as SEO – another valuable practice Doug Richard encourages.

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