Ads of the Week: The Top 10 Student Ads

Ads of Week

If you follow our Google+ page (if you don't then check it out), you will have seen the ABRA Student advert for their Graphic Design Course. We thought it was so good, it inspired us to find more great examples.

So this weeks Ads of the Week is the Top 10 Student Ads…ever!!! Sounds like a 'Now 82' album :) The ads are either actual student proposals or work that's been produced as part of various competitions. Based on these fantastic examples I think our industries future is in good hands. I think the Monarto Zoo advert is great and the Red Cross Balloon couldn't fail to grab peoples attention, but I think my favourite this week is the Fedex Van, so simple but really does make you stop and look. It also demonstrates, that occasionally art students do actually do some work. Have a great weekend.  

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