Ads of the Week: The Complete Package

Ads of Week

Nowadays it's simply not good enough to make a great product, you've got to dress it great as well. Any of you that have acquired an Apple product whether it be the iPhone or iPod range will know how clever and cool the boxes are that house these coveted items. Apple actually has an entire department dedicated to just finding the coolest ways they can package their products.

The proof of this success comes in two forms, firstly does the product get noticed and fly off the shelves and secondly, do you keep the packaging after you've opened the product, how many of you still have your iPhone box, or that little yellow bag from Selfridges. Brands today have to work harder and harder to get our attention, I showcased some of these last year in our Ads of the Week - It's Just A Box  and this weeks Ads showcase some more cool examples of great packaging ideas.

The Cuckoo in the nest of this weeks examples is the ketchup packaging, this is a clever use by a company called Dressing For Pleasure a specialist in fetish wear, their idea was that two things get spanked in the world…bums and ketchup bottles, so they put some cheeky ad stickers on the bottom of ketchup bottles, with lines such as 'Give It A Good Smack'….I don't think I need say anymore on that :) As to my favourite this week, I think I'm going to have to go with the Vilpuri food packaging, I really like the Jam Jars but as a big kid the monsters would get me every time. Let me know which you like the best in the comments box below.  Have a great weekend.

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