Ads of the Week: Smartie Pants

Ads of Week

The advertising industries role is to educate you as the consumer about a companies product or service in the hope that you'll be convinced enough to run out and buy that product or service.

What you don't see as much is that power being turned on positive education, more and more universities and schools are recognising they have to go that bit extra to attract students, whether they be a small diving school or a large ivy league university.

This weeks Ads of the Week shows some of the best examples of just that, using very different mediums to advertise their message makes them really stand out. I like the English Mastery Ad with the stairs and the Learn to Mix advert, but my favourite this week is the Kung Fu School. The last ad is just for all you cat owners out there.

Let us know which is your favourite in the comments box.

Have a hopefully dry (good luck with that) weekend :)

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