Ads of the Week: Oreo Cookies

Ads of Week

This weeks Ads of the Week is dedicated to America's favourite cookie, Oreo and this weeks theme is called 'The way the cookie crumbles!'.

To celebrate 100 years of Oreo Cookies, Oreo have produced this brilliant set of adverts celebrating key events that have happened within the last 100 years, with the centre of attention for each poster on the Oreo cookie using it to recreate the key event. Creating 13 posters with such strong consistency is fantastic…the packman one is great and if you've got a set of 3D glasses, you know you're going to check out how well it works :) But i think my favourite this week is Jaws. What's your favourite from this week? Let us know in the comments box below, or give us a Google + 1 tick. 

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