Ads of the Week: Off The Wall

Ads of Week

This weeks ads are a tribute to my favourite artist, the genius that is Banksy. He is the best example of a viral artist there is. By starting small, but being clever and current, word spreads fast. Not only is his work funny and controversial, but really cool....and if you happen to have him break into your property and add his work, then don't worry...he might as well have written you a nice big cheque! A good example was a lorry yard owner who received the Banksy touch on the side of one of his lorry containers. It's value beforehand was £1000.00, and after, it went to auction for £500,000.00.

Of the selection below, the first one (No ball Games) is one of my favourites, but topping the scales for me is the Neanderthal man carrying a bone and a tray of McDonald's...genius.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to see one of these in the flesh you can appreciate the impact they have. Viral...its the only way to go.

Let me know which is your favourite, there are plenty to choose from!

Have a great, 'heating turned up to the max', weekend.

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