Ads of the Week: Cannes Winners

Ads of Week

The Cannes Film Festival is something most people are familiar with, well they also have the Cannes Lions Creative Awards, which are like the international design Oscars. This weeks Ads of the Week shows some of the winners from the Print category. 

As you would expect, they are quite good, the first advert is for Amnesty International and it remembers the people who were persecuted under the military dictatorships in South America, the advert commemorates those not with us after 40 years of democracy. This is a brilliant advert and grounds everybody to a memory of a loved one, thats no longer with them. On a lighter note my second favourite this week is from McDonalds and is called Billy, any parents out there will have a large degree of sympathy for this, I love the attitude McDonalds take with this campaign…..'Make Billy Our Problem!' But my favourite this week is the real fruit boxes, just read what they did in order to get them to work, just brilliant. Don't forget we put little mini Ads of the Week up through out the week on our Google Plus and Facebook page, so go check em out and pop us in a circle or give us a like. If you don't receive Ads of the Week and would like to get it each week, just click here and pop down your email.

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