Ad of the Week: Word On The Street (Part II)

Ads of Week

So, how did you fair with our little Mr & Mrs challenge, did you like it? How well does your other half know you? Did it bring on any little arguments? If you haven’t had a go yet, or your partner hasn’t, don’t forget to click on the link and take part! It’s a bit of a laugh and only takes 10 minutes! (Competition Closed)

Back to the Ads of the Week, this week, as promised is part two of the ‘Word on the Street’ guerrilla media campaign. The possibilities really are endless, I think every brand should give this form of media serious consideration when looking to promote their brand.

Stand out ones this week are Bender (basically because I love Futurama and it emphasises the wacky nature of the character) and I like the book promotion for ‘The kids who could fly’. I think you’d spend ages staring at it, and it also grabs at our natural defence response of fight or flight, while all the time knowing you really have nothing to fear.

But my favourite this week by a country mile is the coffee campaign, it's just quality.

So, let me know in the comments section below which is your favourite or if you just hate all of them and I should go get a job at Asda.

Have a great weekend.

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