Ad of the Week: Stop, Look and Listen!

Ads of Week

Do you remember the Green Cross Code Man? Isn’t it amazing how that campaign stuck in your mind? I think because we are bombarded with so much advertising these days, it takes something really unique or clever, to not only get our attention but more importantly make us remember it. The Green Cross Code was launched in 1975 and yet most people still remember, ‘Think, Stop, Look & Listen, before crossing the road' and so that’s what this week's theme is called. “Stop, Look & Listen” are all ads dedicated to Road Safety.

There really are some great ads - some serious, some much more subtle, like the Heineken ad. You have to look twice to really get it. The iconic use of the Absolut Vodka to get your attention is great, and the strap line on the three coffins is very hard hitting. But I think my favourite this week is the BMW ad, it might be because my Nan used to say something similar to me when I first passed my test. Either way what a great way to bring home the truth.

I really hope you like this week's collection. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments box below.

Have a great weekend.

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