Ad of the Week: Logo Schmogo

Ads of Week

Hope you're enjoying 'The Ads of the Week'. This week, I've gone slightly off-theme and decided to show some cool examples of clever logos. There are some you’ll recognise and some you won’t, but nevertheless, they are all really clever!

There are a couple, especially the NBC logo, that you really have to look carefully at in order to see why its clever...but I won’t spoil it, just see if you can see why it's awesome!

The logo is a badge, a brand and the face of the company, and if it gives people the right impression straight away, it can make a huge difference. Out of all of them, I like the NBC one as I never really noticed it before (and its my job to notice) but my favourite has got to be the Mosleep logo...really cool.

Anyway, I hope you like them! Let me know which is your favourite! Have a great weekend.

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